Michael O'Sullivan

Michael O'Sullivan

I am Michael the owner of Fit & Able Fitness. I am very passionate about helping and guiding people to improving their health and fitness. Showing them it isn't all about starving yourself and hours slogging away in a gym!

Exercise and Depression

“Adults meeting physical activity recommendations (equivalent to 2.5 h/wk of brisk walking) had lower risk of depression, compared with adults reporting no physical activity”. What we do every single day matters (and it goes WAAYYYY beyond the scale).

The power of the word…

The fable of the deaf frog” or “The power of the word” A group of frogs were travelling through the forest when suddenly two of them fell into a deep pit. All the other frogs gathered around the pit. When…

Are Your Labels Sabotaging Your Efforts?

Are Your Labels Sabotaging Your Efforts
A BAD DAY, A BAD MEAL - Why? One thing that struck me while chatting with people this week is many people telling me, “I've had a bad day”, “bad meal”, “I can't help it I eat well all week and then the weekend comes and I binge”.